Employment Law Representative Cases

The following examples of the work performed by Callanan, Rogers & Dzida, LLP (the “Firm”) are for illustrative purposes only. Every case or legal issue depends on its own facts, law and the unique credibility of the witnesses involved. Results similar to the following are not and cannot be guaranteed. Get good legal advice and help now in order to protect your interests. Contact us here.

Disability discrimination

An employee had a nervous breakdown after only three days on the job and needed time off for treatment as a reasonable accommodation. Rather than accommodating his request the new employer then claimed the employee had “resigned” in an attempt to avoid its statutory duties under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The matter went to arbitration because the employee had signed a Mandatory Arbitration Agreement. The arbitrator awarded over $600,000 to the employee based on this wrongful termination.

Associational disability

An employee needed time off to care for his extremely disabled spouse.  He was terminated instead although the Fair Employment and Housing laws prohibit discrimination against an employee due to his/her association with a family member who suffers from a disability.  After a private mediation a substantial settlement was made for the employee.

Retaliation/wrongful termination

The employee a new apartment manager discovered a bed bug and hot water problem  in the large apartment building complex. After reporting this to upper management he was terminated.  The jury made a large six  figures damage award. The case settled just before the punitive damage phase of the trial for substantial sums.

Pregnancy discrimination:

An employee needed modifications at work due to her disability per doctor’s order.  The employer refused and then terminated her although it would not have been an  undue hardship.   A substantial settlement was reached.

Another employee needed to be off work due to a pregnancy related disabilities  for over a year.  The employer terminated her rather than reasonably accommodating her request.   A substantial settlement was reached at private mediation.

Unfair Wage Payment/Retaliation

An employee was fired because he complained about the employer’s failure to pay his  wages properly.  At trial we recovered a judgment in excess of $300,000.

An employee was fired because he complained about the employees failure to pay his full commissions and misleading wage statements.  The case resulted in a large settlement at mediation.

Cancer Patient Terminated While On Medical Leave

We represented a female cancer survivor, who was terminated while on medical leave and while recovering from chemotherapy. Investigation revealed that upper management thought the terminated employee was a liability due to her cancer. The employer’s actions violated the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and the California Family Leave Act. We successfully negotiated a settlement for the employee and she was reinstated.

Terminated Before Retirement Benefits Vested

When a long time employee was terminated shortly before his retirement benefits vested. The termination was devastating to the employee and his family and caused him to suffer major depression. We sued, arguing that the employer had breached an implied covenant not to terminate the employee except for cause. Our attorney successfully negotiated a substantial settlement for the employee.

Sexual Harassment

A woman was sexually harassed by her boss and co-workers. The harassment included inappropriate touching and comments. Because of the hostile work environment created by this harassment, the woman became deeply depressed and anxious, and finally broke down and attempted to commit suicide. We successfully negotiated a substantial settlement for her.

Racial Discrimination

An African American executive was fired shortly after he complained about a white supervisor’s racist comments and e-mails to staff members using “Ebonics.” We sued under the race discrimination in employment prohibitions of California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and successfully negotiated a settlement for the executive, on confidential terms.

One of the top salesmen at a moving and storage company, an African-American, was forced to endure racial discrimination. Among other things, his boss sold goods he had in storage without giving him notice as required by law, steered him away from lucrative sales territories in “white” areas, and jokingly referred to him as “waiter” at a party because he was wearing a suit, instead of treating him like the successful professional he was. We helped the salesman negotiate a significant settlement and severance package.

Another African American employee was picked on by a new boss and was given impossible illusory goals to reach while none of the other employees were subjected to this kind of treatment. Within a few days of complaining about this discrimination he was terminated.  A substantial settlement was reached.

Failure to Accommodate Disability

An employee was terminated because her family leave had expired although he only needed a few more weeks to get better from a disabling injury.  We sued for wrongful termination and recovered a substantial settlement at mediation.

Wrongfully Terminated Without Good Cause

A woman was induced to leave a steady job to work for the defendant based on promises that she would have a job until she retired.  She was terminated only 18 months later allegedly for mistakes in her work and for allegedly being disrespectful when she walked into a meeting between the company president and one of her subordinates.  We took the position that there was an exception to the “at will” doctrine in the instant case because of the employer’s promise. We further contended that there was no good cause for her termination because the reasons were false. After only being offered $6000 by the defense to settle the matter a Riverside County Jury award $118,950 plus interest and costs-a result 20 times greater than the employer’s settlement offer.