Wage and Hour

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California has several laws and rules that govern how employers must handle wages, overtime pay, rest and lunch breaks. Because California wage and hour laws are complicated, many employers do not fully understand or comply with them. To save money many employers improperly classify employees as independent contractors. There is also a common misunderstanding that simply because as an employee you receive a salary you are exempt from many of the labor laws.
Los Angeles Wage and Hour Cases

Overtime, Break Time, and Leave Time

Employers often misinterpret laws regarding overtime, and some simply ignore them by making their employees work through lunch or break time. Others try to stretch the clock by coaxing more hours out of workers without paying them for the extra hours they work. Still others assign daily or weekly administrative tasks to hourly-paid managerial employees who must be completed on the employee’s own time, in addition to the normal work shift or 40-hour week. Some employers classify their workers as independent contractors so they can try to avoid overtime and rest breaks.

These could all be violations of California labor laws. If you and your co-workers are subject to these or other conditions, you may be owed unpaid overtime wages or other benefits.

Callanan Rogers & Dzida, LLP represents employees in all types of wage and hour disputes. We help them obtain the wages and benefits to which they are entitled. You may be entitled to back pay, unpaid overtime wages, penalties or other benefits but you do not even know your rights!