Business & Real Estate Transactions

The attorneys at Callanan, Rodgers & Dzida, LLP will provide you with practical, cost-effective legal solutions and advice in the following areas of the law:

Callanan, Rogers & Dzida, LLP, offers a full range of business and real estate transaction services to clients ranging from start-ups and sole proprietors to well established businesses and large corporations.

We know that business is based on transactions ― with customers, suppliers, partners. We also understand the importance of making each transaction a successful one.

Our attorneys are available to assist with all contract and transaction matters that your business may face, including

  • The setting up and organizing of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies;
  • The negotiation and preparations of legal agreements, including buy out agreements, purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements;
  • The drafting of appropriate legal opinions; the negotiation of commercial and business financing, purchase and sale agreements, leases and other legal agreements.

In addition, Callanan, Rogers & Dzida, LLP, provides a full range of services in regard to real estate transactions.

We will:

  • help you form limited liability companies or partnerships for your land;
  • resolve title problems, boundary disputes or trespass issues;
  • prepare notes, deeds of trust and other land financing agreements;
  • handle foreclosures, get receivers appointed to collect rents, or obtain relief from bankruptcy stay laws in order to foreclose;
  • deal with the discovery of hazardous materials or toxic waste on your land;
  • assist you in obtaining governmental approvals or permits to develop or use your land;
  • negotiate and document land purchase or sale agreements and leases;
  • or represent you in disputes over the purchase, sale or lease of land.

The fact that our attorneys have over 50 years combined experience in business and real estate transactions as well in business and real estate litigation allows us to provide our clients with the perspective of both disciplines. When negotiating agreements, we anticipate and address problems that might lead to litigation which helps our clients acquire strong legal position. At the same time, our litigation experience allows us to help clients avoid litigation by reflecting that experience in business agreements.

We do not charge for initial consultations because we want the chance to earn your business.

To schedule a free consultation please contact us toll free at (800) 317-1759 or (213) 599-7595.