Are You Experiencing Racial Discrimination?

Unfortunately, after all of our efforts, racial discrimination is still alive and well in the workplace. In May, a Muslim waiter at a popular hotel chain was repeatedly asked to change his Arabic name so as to not “frighten the guests.” In February, a black electrician came to work one day to find a noose ominously tied to his locker. Over the last five years, at least seventeen LAPD officers won verdicts over racial or sexual discrimination at work. And in 2007, racially discriminatory recruiting policies cost L’Oreal $43,278.

Your right to a safe and fair workplace is protected under law. However, the process of filing claims can be complicated and full of obstacles. Here are just a few of the difficulties of the filing process:

  • First, charges must be filed with both state and federal employment offices.
  • These offices may either conduct an investigation themselves or provide you with a “right to sue” letter.
  • Filing charges incorrectly can be fatal to your case. In some cases, judges will allow the charges filed to be used as evidence against the employee who filed them.
  • Defense lawyers will also exaggerate or distort inconsistencies or gaps that they find in the charges, incriminating the employee who filed them.

It’s important to have the right help on your side. With Los Angeles employment law experts Callanan, Rogers, and Dzida on the case, you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls that await and obtain the justice you deserve.

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