How to Find the Right Employment Law Firm for You

Are you experiencing difficulties in your work environment? Are you considering filing a lawsuit? If so, proper representation is key to your success.

However, employment law is quite complex in nature and so when it comes time to choose a firm to represent you, you’ll want to do some extensive research in order to ensure you receive a favorable outcome.  Always consider the following:

  • Reputation–read online testimonials or call the firm secretary and ask for proof to back up a firms reputation.
  • Understanding of the system and your rights–check the track record of a firm’s successes and failures.  Are there favorable or unfavorable patterns that show reason for concern?
  • Reliability–will the firm’s representatives really be there for you when you need them? What’s included in the contract?
  • Affordability–while you should never compromise on service, especially if you’ve been treated unfairly, you’ll want to ensure the firm’s rates will fit into your budget.

Typically employment in California is “at will.” This means that, unless your employer made a specific promise about the length of your employment in an employment contract, the employer can fire you or lay you off at any time with or without reason.  Do you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated?

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, our goal at Callanan Rogers & Dzida, LLP is to help you obtain financial recovery and justice through the legal system.

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