Expansion of the I-710 Corridor Project

The I-710 Corridor Project is no stranger to controversy. From initial doubts over its Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) to public outcry over displacing residents and businesses, there seems to be no end, even after the Metro’s March 1st Board meeting.

The Board moved to adopt Alternative 5C as the Locally Preferred Alternative for the I-710 South Corridor Project and at the same time to expedite the delivery of an Early Action Program (EAP) that prioritizes local interchange and arterial road upgrades, new pedestrian and bike crossings and more funds for near-zero and zero emission trucks.

One of the provisions of the Early Action Plan seeks to “re-evaluate and re-validate the remaining elements of Alternative 5C, especially identifying opportunities to further reduce property impacts.”

It is not the first time that local residents and businesses are left to ponder the scope and configuration of the freeway and future expansion and the possible properties that may be affected. If your home or business is in the path of this project, you should consult with an eminent domain attorney to discuss your options and rights.

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