Toll Lanes Boom in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

After years of constructions and the nightmare of traffic jams, in March Riverside County welcomed the opening of the 91 Express Lanes.

Both the Riverside County Transportation Commission and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, are moving ahead with additional toll lane projects in the inland area.

Since state and federal dollars are harder to come by, these agencies had to turn to construction of toll lanes instead of the widening existing freeways. This follows a regional and national trend in developing toll lanes to improve and manage highways congestion. These projects are easier to realize because they are paid by bonding and loans paid back by future toll lane proceeds.

In Riverside County, they are already working on the next I-15 Express Lane Project. Early next year, construction will start on a $455 million project to add two  Express Lanes in each direction along 15 miles of Interstate 15 (I-15) in Northwest Riverside County.

San Bernardino County is moving ahead with its first toll project, the I-10 Corridor Project, that would add two toll lanes from the Los Angeles County line to Redlands. Construction of the proposed project is planned to commence in 2019 and is anticipated to be open for use by 2024.

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority is also considering a second toll lane project, the I-15 Express Lane Project that would continue north from where the Riverside I-15 Project would end. It would add additional 33 miles of express lines between SR 60 and US 395.

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